Automation and AI Solutions for the Engineering and Construction Industry

Our Approach

PEAK AI blends the domain knowledge of over 50 years of Engineering Excellence with the Automation and AI excellence of to deliver solutions into the Engineering Industry. At PEAK AI we understand that highly important tasks in the Engineering and Construction industry must be done on a daily basis. Many of these tasks are repetitive and require significant time reviewing data and test results taking you away from other important project or business functions. Our team knows how valuable your time is, which is why we develop products that allow you to focus on the key areas in your business where your valuable time is better spent, whilst having the piece of mind that the tasks you are no longer doing are still being done to a consistently high standard.



Providing Solutions to 4 Key Areas

Our solutions span across each stage of the project lifecycle

Some examples of the areas we can help are below

Development Planning 

Development Cost Estimates

Site Analysis - Constraints and opportunities

Data Gathering


Assess Compliance with Design Standards


Automated Progress claim management

Automated Test Data/Quality validation

Assess compliance design and construction standards

Automated QA/On-maintenance management

Automated Contract management

 Maintenance & Asset Management

Crack detection of Pipes

Automated Asset condition reporting

PIPE AI - our crack detection solution


PIPE AI is a game changer for the industry. PIPE AI automatically identifies cracks and anomalies in pipes that do not comply with pre-set standards. PIPE AI generates a concise formatted report once the AI process is complete. PIPE AI can save you many hours or days in front of a screen reviewing CCTV footage and allow you to spend more time on high value tasks within your business.  

More information?

PIPE AI can be customised to meet your individual requirements.

To see PIPE AI in action view the demonstration video.

If you would like to discuss a demonstration or your specific requirements contact us below.



PEAK AI provides solutions to the Engineering and Construction Industries using Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

Our products provide the solutions that ensure consistency, enhance accuracy, reduce risk, increase efficiency and allow clients to spend more time on high value areas within their business.


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